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Posted 4 years ago
About ECL
The Emerald Cloud Laboratory (ECL) enables life scientists to move out of the lab, and to conduct research entirely from a computer. Stepping away from manual completion of experiments at the bench, scientists on the ECL leverage the remote, automated execution of all standard biology and chemistry experiments in Emerald’s industrial lab facilities, working within a software platform for all stages of research workflows, from experimental design to data analysis.
It is our aim at Emerald to build a new technology foundation for the life sciences. On the ECL, it becomes as achievable for a small team of scientists to pursue an ambitious therapeutic R&D initiative as it has become for a small team of capable programmers to develop and deploy a web-based software product.
Scientific Development at ECL
The Scientific Developer at ECL exemplifies the ideal of the “Engineering-driven Scientist.” Every scientist at Emerald learns to code, working in the Wolfram Language, and the eclectic team comes together to tackle the singular challenges at the intersection of understanding experimental detail, designing the logistics of industrial lab facilities, integrating new instrumentation, and building the software system that captures it all.
The charge of the Scientific Development team is to build the interface in code to the physical laboratory. This involves prototyping, automating, and codifying scientific experimentation which spans multiple disciplines, including molecular biology, cell biology, organic chemistry, analytical chemistry, and physical chemistry. Working on this team, you will combine existing laboratory and experimental expertise with programming and robotic systems, and you will master an enormous span of scientific and engineering techniques.
On the SciDev team, you will be driving the core development of the ECL, and your work will have a different character than traditional scientific paths. First, ECL is built on an engineering culture. This culture underlies everything from our relentless automation of lab processes to the focus on reproducibility and tools in software that is pervasive in the day-to-day. Second, you will be designing a system and an interface, requiring an eye for consistency and elegance, and invoking your own perspective as a scientific researcher to craft one of the first software systems that scientists everywhere love to use.
About You
We’re seeking extremely versatile, engineering-driven scientists who are excited to bring together a seasoned perspective in lab-based science with an inventiveness in software to reshape scientific research

You might be a great fit for Scientific Development at ECL if …

    • You have 5+ years of hands-on experience conducting research in a life sciences laboratory.
    • You are comfortable with rigorous data analysis and experimental design.
    • You are capable and willing to learn computer programming (no prior experience necessary, but it is a welcome bonus).
    • You are capable and willing to learn to program robotic automation (no prior experience necessary, but it is a welcome bonus).
    • You have worked extensively in the course of research to troubleshoot both experiments and complex instrumentation.
    • You have experience conducting a wide variety of different experiment types, and are excited to quickly develop expertise in a very diverse array of new methods and instrumentation.
    • You enjoy building systems and automating processes.
    • You are a detail-oriented thinker who takes pride in precision experimentation.

You might resonate with the culture at ECL if …

    • You are impressively empathetic. You can argue the rationale you disagree with as convincingly as the one you agree with.
    • You are intellectually fearless. Stretching yourself well out of your comfort zone across multiple disciplines is more the rule than the exception at Emerald.
    • You are curious. When first-principles reasoning illuminates a path that diverges from the standard assumptions, you feel compelled to see where it leads.
If you would like to apply and learn more, we’d love to hear from you! Please follow the link below, including your resume and, if you like, a brief remark about what you are looking for next and what draws you to ECL and this role. If we see a strong potential match to our current needs and efforts, we will reach out to start a conversation.

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