External: Full Time Position
Posted 4 years ago

We are seeking a highly motivated bioinformatician to join our Translational Bioinformatics Immunoscience (IMS) and Small Molecule Immuno-Oncology (smIO) team.  The successful candidate will help advance Bristol-Myers Squibb’s industry leading IMS and IO pipelines through the strategic application of cutting edge bioinformatics approaches.  This team interacts with and influences all aspects at BMS from early discovery through development.


Analyze various -omic-scale data including RNA-Seq, Exome and Whole Genome Sequencing, single cell sequencing, high throughput proteomics, and multiplex flow cytometry in order to nominate novel drug targets, enable patient enrichment strategies, and prioritize combination therapies.

Integrate and mine large-scale external data sets (GEO, TCGA, 1KG, EXAC, Cosmic) to further our understanding of autoimmune diseases and cancer pathogenesis.

Collaborate with bioinformaticians, statisticians and biologists to implement and execute bioinformatics and statistical analysis plans.


  • Ph.D. in bioinformatics, engineering, statistics, physics, molecular biology, genetics, or a similar discipline.
  • Strong background in -omic (DNA, RNA, epigenetic, proteomic) data analysis and biological interpretation
  • Solid background in Immunoscience and/or Immuno-Oncology biology.
  • Ability to communicate effectively with biologists, biostatisticians and computational scientists.
  • Proficiency using R and Bioconductor packages, at least one scripting language (Python, Perl), and SQL.
  • Experience working with Linux high performance compute clusters and cloud based computing platforms (Amazon EC2).
  • Working knowledge of commercial and publicly available biological databases including NCBI, Ensembl, ArrayExpress/GEO, SRA, TCGA and 1000 Genomes is expected.
  • Fluency in NGS experiments and data analysis (e.g. GATK, Cufflinks, SAMtools, BAMtools etc.) is preferred.
  • Experience working with data from clinical trials is a plus.


TO APPLY: Visit https://bristolmyerssquibb.wd5.myworkdayjobs.com/BMS/job/Princeton—NJ—US/Research-Investigator–Translational-Bioinformatics–Immunoscience-and-Small-Molecule-Immuno-Oncology_R1507176