External: Full Time Position
Posted 3 years ago

Department: IT

Reports to: VP Strategy & Innovation

The Opportunity:

Passionate to put your computational biology, bioinformatics and data science/machine learning skills to give hope to the cancer patients of today and tomorrow?

Helomics is a personalized medicine company located in Pittsburgh, our mission is to improve the standard of care for cancer patients (especially gynecological) by harnessing the power of the patients own living tumor to help the oncologist guide treatment. We use our unique tumor drug response profiling platform, together with the latest Next Generation Sequencing (NGS)-based genomic profiling and our vast D-CHIP AI powered knowledge-base of 150,000 tumors, to generate a roadmap that provides additional context to help the oncologist personalize the patient’s treatment. We firmly believe our approach of interrogating the living tumor provides a more functional approach to precision medicine than relying on genomics alone.

Position Scope and Focus

  • Develop and implement bioinformatic pipelines for analysis of whole genome, targeted exome, targeted transcriptomics, and epigenomic data.

  • Develop and implement data curation and data models for storage/access of genotype and phenotype data.

  • Develop and implement statistical and machine learning approaches to the analysis of large genomic and cellular phenotype data sets.

  • Deploy algorithms and pipelines to Helomics’ internal and external facing software platforms.

Required Education & Experience

  • Masters or PhD in computational biology, bioinformatics, or data science, or equivalent practical experience.

  • Practical experience of developing and running NGS bioinformatics pipelines using public R and Python tools and libraries.

  • Practical experience of developing, training, testing and validating both deep and classical machine learning models using public frameworks such as Keras, PyTorch etc.

  • Practical experience of data analysis and visualization using R and Python in Jupyter

  • Experience of cloud compute infrastructure and scheduling of compute workloads for bioinformatic analysis

  • Self-motivated and able to work as part of a team within a results-oriented culture

  • Able to communicate effectively with all levels, both within and external to Helomics

Additional Skills and Experience

  • Experience with Docker containers and cloud-based compute environments at AWS and Azure

  • Familiarity with working in a regulated (CLIA) environment

  • Familiarity with graph-based databases, Neo4j, and graph data modelling

  • Familiarity with Agile software development practices

If you meet the requirements and are seeking a dynamic, challenging atmosphere, with the opportunity to make a difference to help oncologists and their patients, email your resume to Resumes@Helomics.com with the words “ComputationalBiologist/Bioinformatician08.2018” in the subject of the email.